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Thoughts and News from the LockEx Team

How Lockpicking Works

Below we have a video that is going to share with you the basics of how a lock work and the theory on how lockpicking works. This video also gives you an overview of LockEx’s two different lockpicking sets we have available:

Full Footage of Bob’s Lockpicking Ravens

If you follow our blog, you might have seen our post, “Lockpicking Ravens – ‘5 Minutes of Fame’ Talk at Noisebridge.” This footage are clips taken over the course of a year and shows how the birds have progressed and learned increasingly difficult skills. Some of the problems they have […]

LockEx at the Southwest Maker Fest in Arizona

  LockEx is going to be at Mesa, AZ’s Southwest Maker Fest this Saturday, March 11! If you’re in the area, come by and see our booth located in the Artist & Sustainability area. We’ll be doing lockpicking and handcuff demonstrations as well as having tools, jewelry and our new DIY […]

How to Pick with a Snap Pick

Maybe you’ve just heard about snap picks but don’t know how they work. Maybe you picked up one of DIY Snap Pick Kits, made a gorgeous snap pick… but don’t know how to use it yet. Or maybe this is just your (somewhat conservative) risky click of the day. Either […]