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Thoughts and News from the LockEx Team

Women in Locksport Series: Grace Nolan

Our second interview in our “Women in Locksport” series comes from Grace Nolan, a New Zeland native who has given talks at security conferences such as CrikeyCon, OzLockCon, Linux.Conf.Au, and CHCon. Grace was previously a web developer but is now currently a security engineer at Google working on the detection […]

Women in Locksport Series: Christina Palmer

Sometimes, especially when just starting out, it can be hard to find others who share an interest in picking locks. I have always felt that community is such a large part of lock picking and is something positive to celebrate, especially when there are seemingly so few of us. Personally, […]

Lockpicking: Knowledge Is Not A Crime

We Hear This All The Time… “This is encouraging criminals.” “You shouldn’t be sharing this kind of information on the internet.” “It should be illegal to buy lockpicks.” Whether it’s in person or a comment on Facebook, we hear this kind of talk all the time. After all, I do […]

Dump Pins with Me!

These days, repinning locks is something that’s just in my regular routine. Eat. Sleep. Repin. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I have been doing lots of lock repinning lately. Click here to see our full-length instructional video on how to repin locks! Today I’m sharing a “Dump Pins with Me” video where you […]