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Thoughts and News from the LockEx Team

LockEx at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

Hello, Pickers and Makers! We’re excited to be announcing that Lockpick Extreme will be at the 2017 Maker Faire held in the California Bay Area! Those of us on┬áTeam LockEx are all Maker Faire veterans and we are truly excited to be able to bring Lockpick Extreme to this one-of-a-kind […]

Kinder Pickings

Down below is a video I made with my son, Caleb. Caleb’s 4 years old now– one month away from being 5. He’s seen both his Mom and Dad work on locks before and has always shown an interest in what we’re doing. In this video, it’s only the second […]

Where to Find Locks for Lockpicking

Once you’ve been introduced to the idea of lockpicking, hopefully, you’ve also learned about the Golden Rules of Lockpicking. (If you’re not familiar with them, check out our post on them! Also, check out our other blog post, “Is Lockpicking Legal?”) If you do recall the two Golden Rules of […]

Are Your Doors Safe? Deadlatches

We’ve all seen it in movies… The moment a credit card is taken and used to bypass a door. While it’s a lot of people’s gut response┬áto say that it’s just movie magic and assume that sort of thing doesn’t work in real life, the reality is that it can. […]